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Got Goals?

Do you have goals?  I think deep down inside everyone has goals.  How do you reach them is the difference?  There are those that commit everyday of their life to move forward and obtaining them. Do you sit around wishing, dreaming, and hoping your goals (dreams) come true. Or do you set those goals and step one foot forward to making those goals (dreams) reality?

Sometimes we give up because we try once and have the door close. But everything worth reaching has a price. Who said life would be easy? It sure isn’t. Therefore walking in faith isn’t going to be easy. Having faith that you will reach your goals. Affirming success in your life daily.

In order to reach those goals there are two major key points I think one must you follow. This points have help me reach my goals. And they may be able to help you but only if you….

The first is COMMIT!

Commit in those goals. Be serious. Be dedciated.  If you are not committed to YOUR goals, you will never reach them.

The second is PLAN!

Develop a plan to reach your goals. You should have short-term goals and long-term goals. Your goals should be specific (clear), measurable, achievable, and realistic.  Organize your time to reach these goals.


Believe in your goals (dreams) but the most important thing is to commit and plan that way you can achieve it!!


Restore Me Jesus

This past month has been super difficult for me.  With everything that is going on in my life — it brought this song “Restore Me Jesus”,  to my mind.  I love this song  because it has so much meaning.  I don’t know if you can relate with me on this….there are times no matter what you do or what you say…..there is someone putting you down / pulling you down….& lets face it — we are made of flesh & blood….we are only humans…..it’s normal to cry…feel sad…feel upset….BUT that doesn’t take away from the person you are trying to become or the goals you are trying to achieve…..everyone has good days and everyone has bad days….but it’s up to you to allow those bad days to keep you down & keep you from moving on…..so have your cry……yell out loud….but once you’ve done that….pick yourself up & start running forward!


There is a verse in this song that goes…..only YOU understand my pain……no one else feels what I feel…..whenever I am going through storms in my life…..I know that there is only one person that understands my pain….that is God…….&  no one else feels what I feel….maybe you’ve experience this….it’s okay…..just don’t stop living……don’t stop looking forward towards the future…


Crying or feeling sad isn’t going to make you less of a person…..we have emotions we have to express…..but don’t allow it to stop you from picking yourself up & moving forward into making a Change in Your Life!


I can personally tell you that I know Jesus Restores Me…..I know that everything happens for a purpose….& it can only make me a stronger person….remember as you get closer to reaching your goals & dreams….you’ll hit some bumps along the way….just don’t let those bumps STOP you!!



Credits: Restaurame – Yadira Coradin

Let’s examine what’s coming out of our mouth?


Have you ever asked someone how they are doing? Have you ever asked someone how things were going? Have you ever stopped to really listen to what comes out of their mouth?  I know first hand that life can be hard. Things we go through can tear us up into pieces. 

Have you ever examine what’s coming out of your mouth? Do we complain about anything and everything.

Just some food for thought….instead of complaining about the issue…be thankful that whatever it is your facing will make you stronger and wiser.  Remember whatever your going through….is nothing compare to what someone else might be going through…..replace complaining with a brighter outlook on the situation. I know it can be hard. But remember God knows we can handle whatever it is your facing.


And I know that if the complaining stops….you will Change Your Life!  Why? Because complaining is just another form of being negative. Thinking negative. Therefore if we replace complaining with a positive view…it will change things into positive outcomes.

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