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Got Goals?

Do you have goals?  I think deep down inside everyone has goals.  How do you reach them is the difference?  There are those that commit everyday of their life to move forward and obtaining them. Do you sit around wishing, dreaming, and hoping your goals (dreams) come true. Or do you set those goals and step one foot forward to making those goals (dreams) reality?

Sometimes we give up because we try once and have the door close. But everything worth reaching has a price. Who said life would be easy? It sure isn’t. Therefore walking in faith isn’t going to be easy. Having faith that you will reach your goals. Affirming success in your life daily.

In order to reach those goals there are two major key points I think one must you follow. This points have help me reach my goals. And they may be able to help you but only if you….

The first is COMMIT!

Commit in those goals. Be serious. Be dedciated.  If you are not committed to YOUR goals, you will never reach them.

The second is PLAN!

Develop a plan to reach your goals. You should have short-term goals and long-term goals. Your goals should be specific (clear), measurable, achievable, and realistic.  Organize your time to reach these goals.


Believe in your goals (dreams) but the most important thing is to commit and plan that way you can achieve it!!


Words that will change your life

Faith – Believe – Positive Thinking – Affirmation

So I’ve talked about motivation, being determine to change your life. There are some important words I want to share with you, if you apply these words to your everyday life – I know you will be able to

 Change Your Life

for the better.  

Faith      Believe      Positive Thinking        Affirmations

I want to share a personal story about the power of having faith and believing in your positive thinking along with adding affirmations to it all to reach your goals and change your life.

If you don’t know me, I love fitness! I became passionate about helping others through my own struggles. So I decided to become a personal trainer and teach group fitness classes. Being a fitness coach wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to do more.

Here is the story. We all know the job market is struggling right now. People are losing jobs. Back in November, I was praying, hoping, and looking for a job in a fitness center. I haven’t finished my certification to train but I wanted to put my foot in the door. 

I remember like it was today, I was looking at the Internet and I was at the website of the fitness center in my town that I wanted to work at, I said to myself it doesn’t hurt to send them an email and introduce yourself.  I did just that…..I remember I wrote a short message ( I didn’t know who was going to get that message because it was a contact us type of form ) but in this message I wrote I had several years of customer services experience and that I was studying to become a personal trainer, that I taught a group fitness class – basically I reached out and say I was available to start at any position that they might have.

To my surprise (I didn’t know) I got a reply the next day that they were hiring a weekend assistant manager…I was so happy.  Of course they wanted to interview me.

Well, this was Friday, when I got the reply…to make a long story short…I went by the fitness center on Monday, had a interview with the billing manager. I went to my second interview on Wednesday, with the night manager. About 30 minutes later, I got the call that I got the job. GREAT, right…Well let me tell you things that happen before all this went down.

Taking it back to early in 2010, when everyone was losing their jobs. I know because I had lost my job in 2008, when everything started going down hill.

I would pray and ask God to help me land a job in a fitness center. I’d pray but I wasn’t putting my thoughts into action having “faith” or “believing” that positive things to happen in my life. Why? Because sometimes we listen to much to others whom offer negative advice, negative suggestions!

So what did I do? Early that year…I started to “self-help” my  thoughts! I have learn that you have to believe that positive things will happen in your life. Remove all that negative junk from your thoughts, from your mouth. Remember I’ve said “Words Have Power”, what are you speaking? Speak blessings into your life. Speak good things all the time. I know this world can be tough. Believe me I know!! But I started having a bigger type of faith.   Let’s face it, I believe in Christ. The King of Kings, I am His child! Why wouldn’t good things happen to me!

Well as I stated, I stopped listening to negative words…replace my thought with POSITIVE Thoughts! I kept believing! Don’t let anyone put you down. Put your dreams down. Put your goals down! Keep you from believing that good things will come to you.  I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching but I’ve learned so much from helping myself learn that we have to change our mindset! 

I would recommend that if you are having trouble with believing or having positive thoughts…do alittle self-help audio listening. My iPod is full of positive selp-help audio. I love it!

Remember the bible says “Ask & You shall receive! God wants to pour His blessings down to us BUT we have to Believe!!

Well, like I said…I got the job in less than a week…during this time I had people in my life offering negative vibes. But I refuse to listen and let that take my mind off my Positive Thinking!!

” No problem can ever be bigger than me, as I have my biggest GOD with me to solve that.”

Determination is what takes people far!

Stick to  it — the results will be worth it!

Determination is the Key to “Change Your Life!

What is “Determination”?


de·ter·mi·na·tion –

the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose.

Determination goes very well together with discipline. Determination is deciding that something is a fact, or that you are firm about your position. When you are determined to achieve something, you will do whatever it takes to achieve that result. It is a force of your mind that becomes evident, that will not take no for an answer. In your mind and your heart you have determined that there is an answer or solution and that you will discover it.

When you have determination, you push beyond resistance in your mind, which says you can’t do something, and you find a way to do and do it well. With that same determination, you push yourself physically beyond your comfort level, to new heights of success. You have determined in your mind the end outcome and until you have achieved that, you do not stop. Through sheer determination alone, many people have achieved great results, and you can too. Determination with discipline, patience, focus, and stamina can propel you to great successes and great rewards.

Determination is the grit that gets you through a journey. It is the force of will to do all the little details just as well as the big ones. It is moving through and finding a way when there is no way. It is trying everything and then adding new things to get the results that you want. It is tapping into all your known resources, and pushing past your previous limits, to take the lead. You are constantly focused on how to achieve the results that you have set for yourself.

If you don’t know how to proceed, determination helps get you through the next phase, through the steps of learning, growing, and building, one step at a time and one process at a time. There is a strong place deep within you that you tap into when you are exhausted, stumped, or at a dead end. It is from this strong place that determination is born. It says, “I will not be defeated. I will get this task done.” It is here that you press on, that you make a decision not to quit. It is because you have decided that what you are trying to achieve is important, and worthy for you to complete. You have felt in your heart that the outcome will be very good, or even great. All dreams require determination to make a reality. Anyone who accomplished something in this life had great determination to do so.

You can accomplish your dreams with determination. You can accomplish anything that you want. Be determined in an outcome and slowly but surely, or even quite rapidly you will see your dreams coming closer and finally become a reality. That is the greatest feeling in the world: when you have achieved something that you have set out to accomplish. No one can take that feeling, or the work that it took to accomplish it, away from you.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/188776

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